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Receive SMS Online 是一个免费短信在线接收网站,可以接收短信验证码、语音激活码。平台提供几十个国家的一次性虚拟手机号接码服务,可注册和激活Google、Yahoo、Fiverr、Twitter...


Receive SMS Online是一个免费的接码网站,用户可以在该平台在线接收短信和语音邮件验证码。

Receive SMS Online的官网登录注册入口为 ,推荐您点击上方的“链接直达”,或“手机查看”扫描/识别二维码进行访问。

Receive SMS Online的主要功能和特点有:

免费接码:用户可以在 Receive SMS Online 上免费接收短信,而不需要注册或提供任何个人信息。

无需注册:用户只需从网站上选择一个可用的电话号码,就可以使用它来接收来自各种平台和服务的短信和语音邮件,如Google、Yahoo、Fiverr、Twitter、Instagram、Facebook、Telegram、 WeChat、VK、PayPal、AliPay等。

支持多国号码:Receive SMS Online 支持接收来自世界上几十个国家的验证短信,包括美国、英国、加拿大、澳大利亚、法国、德国、荷兰、日本等等。


实时性高:Receive SMS Online 提供的虚拟手机号码可以实时接收短信,并将短信内容直接显示在网站上。

保护隐私:Receive SMS Online 不会记录用户的短信内容和个人信息,确保用户的隐私和安全。


Receive SMS Online短信平台适合那些需要在线接码验证或注册激活账户、但又不想使用自己真实手机号码的用户。它可以帮助用户节省时间和金钱,同时保护用户的安全和隐私。

以下为Receive SMS平台英文说明: SMS platform is a free website that allows you to receive SMS messages and voice mails online. Its main features and characteristics are:

  • No registration required. You just need to select a phone number from the list on the website and you can use it to receive messages from various platforms and services such as Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, VK, PayPal, AliPay and more.
  • Supports multiple country numbers. You can choose from phone numbers from different countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, India etc.
  • Provides temporary numbers. You can use temporary numbers to receive SMS messages and voice mails without worrying about personal information leakage or harassment calls.
  • Provides paid services. You can also pay to buy premium numbers or golden numbers which offer longer validity periods, more available numbers and higher privacy protection. SMS platform is suitable for those who need to verify or register accounts online but do not want to use their real phone numbers. It can help users save time and money while protecting their security and privacy.